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Post  HeX7 on Sun Oct 03, 2010 6:10 pm

IRL name: George.
Age: 15.
Where do you live?: Wales/England.

For how long have you been playing minecraft?: Scince it came out in May 17, 2009
Have you bought minecraft?: Yuus!
What have you build on the server,(In world "builder" or "builder2"): Before the reset today, I build a castle/hotel filled with all the rooms. My brother, Harry AKA TheEvil666 helped me. I also helped someone with an underwater lair on "BigRiver"
When did you find the server?: Yesterday although I became dedicated today.
Why do you think this is the best server?: There is hardly any griefers, This server is just sheer awsomeness.

NOTE: My previous name was Jezus666, I've now changed this to HeX7, It's cooler. (:


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